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We at SaveGreen Windows & Doors know there is a lot to know when choosing your new windows.  Some of these factors may include:

  • The style of your home
  • Climate
  • Lifestyle
  • Budget
Windows and Doors Lifestyle

When selecting windows ensure they are a good fit aesthetically for your home.  Windows should always be energy efficient but they should also enhance your home’s natural beauty and value.

In Canada we get all kinds of weather.  It’s important that we choose windows with low emissivity glass and argon for in-between the glass for greater insulation or “R” value as referred to in the industry.  Often things are available such as triple glass, windows with a wider frame.  Frame sizes range from 2 ¾ inch to 4 ½ inch.  The wider the frame the more room for empty air chambers or foam insulation.
Although not mandatory for renovation Low E and argon is a must.  In fact, the Ontario government changed the building code in 2006 and every new home must be built with windows that are energy star* certified (have Low E plus argon).  It makes sense to choose Low E/Argon if unsure look for the energy star symbol.

Windows can be constructed from wood, fibreglass, aluminum or vinyl.  Many products that are commonly used today require little maintenance. Vinyl is the most common choice for its low to no maintenance and provides the most value for your dollar. An added benefit of the argon gas in the thermal unit is that it will significantly reduce sound and makes your home more quiet and enjoyable.
Many factors can affect the cost of window or door installation. First, when it comes to windows there are 2 types of installs available: 1) Retro and 2) Full Frame. Before we explain the 2 installs, SaveGreen Windows & Doors always recommends a full frame install.

Retro Install:
This can be a less costly method of installing windows.  Basically the new window is measured to be installed in the old windows existing frame.  As mentioned before this can be cheaper but that is about all the positives that can be listed.  The negatives are, the opening or window becomes smaller and hence less glass or viewing area.  Also because the old window and frame are not removed the insulation between the window frame and house is not addressed.  This is important as you could put a great window in this way but have cold air leakage because there is no insulation around the frame.  Also worth a mention the interior molding is not removed which is a lot less invasive and should never require any paint or touch ups after install.

Full frame install:
Everything is removed, and the window is taken down to its bare opening. This is very important as a quick visual can be done to determine there is no water damage. The new custom window with jamb extension is inserted and shimmed, screwed in place then expansion foam is applied between the house and window frame. For the exterior there will either be brick mold or it will capped in aluminum. On the interior new molding is applied, usually a little wider than the old molding so no painting is required to the wall. However the molding will need to be painted or stained.

Doors and Patio Doors:

These should always be full frame installs.  It is not recommended to install a new slab into an existing frame.  When signing a contract have the person draw a representation (draft image) of the door from the outside perspective to ensure there is no confusion.  This will usually be rechecked during the official measure.  As SaveGreen Windows & Doors this is our standard practice.  There are 3 materials to choose from: Steel, fiberglass and wood.  Steel is the most common choice and is the least costly of the 3.  A decorative door light looks good and adds a lot of natural light which can reduce the use of turning on lights in that space and thus save money and energy!  It is important to know that if you have an irregular size door or patio door the price may increase significantly.

We have just touched the surface, there is a lot to know when making your decision on window and door replacement.  Don’t forget SaveGreen Windows & Doors will always come to your home for a free consultation.   We are here to help you make not just the right choice but the best choice that works for you and your home.

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