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Our trained staff can show you what types of windows are right for your home. 
To learn more about windows, visit our Window and Door School resource.
At SaveGreen Windows & Doors we realize that making green choices can sometimes be a bit on the costly side.  That is why we want to find out where you stand on a cost to green ratio.  For example, if someone has purchased a home to flip, they typically are concerned with low cost.  If someone has purchased a home and wish to live there for a prolonged period than cost should become less of a factor and a better (quality) green product that will last longer and remain more efficient becomes the priority.
We offer all types of windows for your home that are measured for a custom fit in your home and ensure a professional quality installation.


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  *SaveGreen Windows & Doors will use only local supplies. However, not all products may be available through local suppliers.

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